A Lasting Vacuum?

I have never come across a lasting vacuum. I think the longest one of my vacuums lasted was a year. They lose suction so fast – what’s the point of a vacuum if it has no suction?

I need a vacuum, but I want one that lasts. I figure if it means paying more, that’s fine, if it’ll last me awhile. Beats paying $60 or so for a cheap one, only to have it lose suction a few months from purchase. That racks up. Might as well pay a one-time fee that’ll prove it was worth the money.

So, folks, suggestions, please. If you want to provide the link to your suggested vacuum, please feel free to do so. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and while we’re at it, what steam mop do you recommend? I’m in the market to buy one of those, too. 🙂