But, what if I can’t?

Self-doubt serves no purpose other than to terrorize us. It is insatiable and determined. Doubt has the ability to make self-esteem, confidence, and progress run away in an attempt to escape its rampage. They never run fast enough.

Such are the inner workings of my self-doubt, anyway.

Doubt comes to judge the breadth of talent I possess, or lack thereof. It mocks the lines that I write, and characters and plots that I create. It only leaves when its damage has been done and its mission fulfilled – when I stop writing for fear I’m not good enough, creative enough, talented enough.

I keep meaning to continue my novel. It is important to me. I haven’t written anything in it since July. Although, yesterday I did reread bits of it and brainstormed some. I’m thinking of changing a major aspect of the story, thus far, but don’t know if it’d be better or worse to do so. I’m still in the contemplation stage. I should ask some of my writer friends for their inputs. If anyone understands Doubt, my fellow writers do.

So, I need to devise a plan of sorts. It helps me kick Doubt out the door and begin focusing on and enjoying writing again. The plan is to write for at least twenty minutes for my novel each day this week. It’s a tiny goal, really. I know. But, it’s a start. I hope that the twenty minutes turns into hours, but the vital thing is to start.

*Raises glass* Cheers to creativity, productivity, and enjoyment!