#AmWriting Challenge: Days 17-26

Yeah, so I’ve got some catching up to do. Oops. 😉

Day 17: A picture of my inner critic.

I have several, and they all take turns, each passing the torch to the next when she is done with me.


Day 18: Record a video of what I’m listening to.

No – trust me, it’s boring. The sound of a loud desktop computer humming (did I forget to mention that my Mac bit the dust only a few days after it came back to life?) and the dishwasher in the kitchen going. I’ll spare you. LOL

Day 19: Tag my modern author crush/hero.

#J.K.Rowling #KristinHannah #EmmeZava

I will tag them properly in the “Tags & Categories” section of this post.

Day 20: What am I reading?

I am reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah at the moment.

Day 21: Me, hard at work.

Hmm. No one takes pictures of me when I’m writing – nor do I think to do so myself, so I don’t have any of those. Sorry. But for a visual, refer to Day 17 – I’m sure that those are the faces I make while writing, whether at the behest of my inner critics or my own self will.

Day 22: What inspires me.

Real life experiences. Family. Friends. Nature. Pictures. Music. Writing prompts.

Day 23: My author uniform.

Lounge pants, a tank top and/or comfy shirt, and a cup of coffee (that counts, right – I mean, it might as well be a part of my uniform).

Day 24: My author community.

For seven years or so, my writing community has been my group, The Written Voice (now on Facebook). I also enjoy Writer’s Retreat group on Facebook.

Day 25: #TBT My younger self.


Day 26: My local bookstore.

Well, the nearest one is a half hour away, but it’s called Got Books.

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