Day 16: Something I regret not doing in the last year.

Losing weight … or, more importantly, getting healthy.

Day 17: Someone who broke my heart.


Day 18: Someone I miss. Did we already do this one a few days ago? Refer to previous answer. lol

Day 19: What’s in my bag?

My purple wallet. Pictures. Lip moisturizer. Face powder. Tampons.

Day 20: Five things I’m passionate about.

  1. Equality – race, gender, sexual orientation
  2. Literacy (and having access to information)
  3. Becoming a librarian
  4. Getting my PCOS under control
  5. Writing

Day 21: Someone who inspires me.

My friend, Tracy Zavaleta (author name Emma Zava). She’s not only one of the most talented writers I know, but a genuinely good person. Great friend. Smart. Passionate. Caring.

Day 22: Something I’ve never done but most people have.

Gone to a concert.

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