Day 15: Something that excites me and fills me with joy.

I do not know I that I can narrow it down to just one thing, so bear with me.

Memories, photos, conversations of or with my son. He fills my heart with joy.

Autumn – the changing of colors, the cooler temperatures, the smells.


The smell of rain – it is invigorating to me. I absolutely love it and it certainly fills me with joy.


A really good book. One that is good throughout – one that leaves me reeling from the emotional ties I felt to the characters, settings, and story. One that makes me feel like no other book could ever compare (although, one eventually always does – there are so many wonderful books in the world). One that stays with me.

images (16)

The beach, especially when it is relatively vacant. The views and the smells are among the best ever. I could be quite happy living in a beach house – where all I’d have to do is walk out my back door to get to the beach.


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